Charli XCX Supermodels and Holiday Stunners letra traducida en español

Charli XCX Supermodels and Holiday Stunners Letra
Charli XCX Supermodels and Holiday Stunners Traduccion
Now if I had to be honest with ya
Si tengo que ser honesta contigo
I thought you did fancy me just a little bit
Pense que te gustaba solo un poco
It was like one of 'em twisted love tales
Era como uno de esos locas historias de amor
The endings didn't quite fit but
Los finales no encajan pero

You were different
Tu eras diferente
A rock and roll troll with your hair greased up, all in leather
Un rockero con tu cabello arreglado, vestido de cuero
And I was a perky girl, polka-dots, hair in curls
Yo era una alegre chica, lunares, pelo rizado
Close friends all quite clever
Amigos cercanos, todos bastante inteligentes

It didn't really happen to start with
Realmente no empezó con
I have to say, I thought that maybe I was wrong and you'd like to go, you know, on holiday
Tengo a que decir, pense que tal vez me equivocaba y te gustaría ir, ya sabes, de vacaciones
Or that you liked me
O de que yo te gustaba

But then I thought
Pero luego pense
'Hey, what does she have to offer that I don't?'
' Eu, que tiene ella para ofrecer que yo no tenga?"
Three Rolls-Royces and a cruise boat
3 Rolls-Royces y un crucero
But you picked the tramp over the queen
Pero elegiste a la vagabunda sobre la reina

And you know
Y ya sabes
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I actually liked you
Realmente me gustabas
You made me laugh lots
Me hacías reír mucho
Made me giggle when I sipped my drink
Me hacías reír cuando tomaba de mi bebida

It didn't really happen to start with
Realmente no empezó con
I have to say, I thought that you were still obsessed by the model stunners like Lily Coll and that Brazilian chick
Tengo que decirlo, pense que seguías obsesionado con modelos como Lily Coll y esa chica brasilera
Whoa, oh, oh
Woah, oh, oh

What do you say when you think it's time to walk away, turn around, wave goodbye?
Qué es lo que dices cuando piensas que es hora de marcharse, dar la vuelta, decir adiós?
Or come and politely kiss me on the cheek, by my side?
O educadamente besarme en el cachete?
Now that it's over, will you take my picture off your wall
Ahora que ha terminado, Sacarías mi foto de tu pared?
Fill it with the holiday girl and Lily Coll
Llena el espacio con tu chica de vacaciones y Lily Coll
Or will you just leave me there to hang on peacefully?
O me dejarás ahi para recordarme?
Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Oh, oh